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We aim to achieve sustainability for the best interest of our current and future generations.

Cleaning Chemical Solution

With 10 years’ experience in manufacturing of cleaning products, E3 Industries Sdn Bhd was established in 2018, aiming to produce full range of cleaning products for household, commercial and industrial use.

Industrial & Residential Cleaning Products

Personal & Family Care Products

Car Cleaning Products

Professional R&D Team

We invest heavily in R&D to continuously improve our products and also to develop new products. In order to achieve sustainability, we seek to produce environment friendly products. All safety precaution measures are to be taken to minimize, if any, damage to the nature by our production. It is our pledge to maintain high standards of professional conducts and to comply with all the rules and regulations.

Products Line Up

Our factory able to produce variety of household cleaning products, car care products and personal care products. The production capacity available produce up to 5000 kg in a day.

Home Care Products

Powder Detergent
Dobi Liquid Detergent
2 in 1 Laundry Detergent
All Purpose Bleach
General Floor Cleaner
Serai Wangi Floor Cleaner
All Purpose Cleaner
Dishwashing Liquid
Grease Remover
Hypo Stain Remover
Glass Cleaner

Personal Care Products

Hand Soap
Body Shampoo
Hair Shampoo

Car Care Products

Car Wash Shampoo
Rim Shampoo
Tinted Shampoo
Tyre Wax

Quality Control

We always concern about the quality. We keep on develops the new products and always test the sample to make sure the quality of washing. Beside of drum and bottles size, we also provide IBC tanks for some special customers and deliver to them for their own filling. 

OEM & ODM Full Service

In addition of our house brand, we also play the roles as OEM and ODM for our customers. Our strength is providing one-stop service for our customers from product development to branding and marketing of the products. Our in-house marketing team will provide consultation for our customers on product branding, packaging design and also marketing strategies. Our design team will equip our customers with all the required marketing materials, such as catalogues, brochures and even advertising videos, which definitely will become a clear advantage to our customers in this competitive market.


12, Jalan Meru Indah 19/KU8,
Taman Perindustrian Meru Indah,
42200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact No: 60192215233
Email: enquiry@e3industries.com.my

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12, Jalan Meru Indah 19/KU8,
Taman Meru Indah,
42200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact No: 60192215233
Email: enquiry@e3industries.com.my

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